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WELCOME to the Monart Art School of Ottawa. Our new studio will bring something entirely new to Eastern Ontario and Ottawa – a licensed Monart Drawing School where anyone can learn how to draw and discover new ways to express his or her creative fire. Just as learning musical notes is fundamental to playing an instrument or practicing ballet positions is basic to a dancer, learning to draw is a foundation for all of the visual arts and a true life-skill that can foster an appreciation for the natural world, stimulate a creative spirit, and even enrich a career.

NATURALLY, WE DON’T EXPECT our children to play piano or learn to dance without instruction. In every other art form, students learn the basics first, and then become creative and independent out of their understanding of the basic information. But with drawing and only drawing, a myth has developed that artistic skill is a “natural talent” that can’t or even shouldn’t be taught, and that youngsters will find their own way. The truth is EVERYONE can learn how to draw realistically, but without instruction most children will abandon drawing in their pre- or early teens. Ironically, they stop drawing because their brains are developing, and they begin to perceive a lack of realism in their own artwork. Without instruction, most cannot achieve the desired realism, becoming self-critical and frustrated by their undeveloped skills. Older children and adults often are too embarrassed even to attempt a simple drawing.

MONA BROOKES, author and founder of the Monart Institute, developed her Monart method of teaching drawing more than 20 years ago. Tested and proven in private and public school programs across the globe, it has yielded astounding results with children of all ages and beginning adults.

At the Monart Art School of Ottawa, we teach students how to draw using Mona’s methods. Victoria Collins, director of the Ottawa School, has been personally trained by Mona Brookes. Our program provides students enough structure to ensure accomplishment along with plenty of freedom to allow for individuality and creative expression. Each week students work with a trained Monart teacher on projects designed to teach them how to interpret the elements of shape and create a finished composition. A full range of of materials and advanced techniques are explored to continually challenge students’ developing skills. Follow these links to learn more about Monart, and founder Mona Brookes, plus read reviews of the Monart program.

Class information and schedules and our complete brochure, are now available on the “classes” page.

For more information about Monart and the Monart method please visit the main Monart International Institute web site where you can learn about programs offered as well as a listing of schools throughout the U.S. and abroad.

We look forward to an exciting future and hope you will visit our studio to learn more about this new opportunity for your children and yourself!

Toucan by Alicia Nelson, Age 5
Frog by Gordon Mills, Age 4

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